Sunday, December 1, 2013


Harrison's formulas are made from whole, intact, certified organic ingredients. This means your bird is getting the very best part of ingredients (the germ, bran and endosperm). Additionally, we do not fine-mill the ingredients, which can reduce the nutritional value.

The industry likes to use fine-milled, bleached flours and 'byproducty' materials as these items are inexpensive and very easy to work with in regard to making a perfectly uniform finished product at all times.

Harrison's use of premium, coarse ground, whole items alternately requires us to allow a wider range of finished kibble sizes. As the foods are not processed, removing their unique nature-provided features the color and taste of the food may vary from season to season as well.

Just like organic apples on the shelf of an organic produce bin. One apple may be crunchy and the next may be juicy.

Mother Nature truly dictates the details of the finished Harrison's product.