Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Harrison’s Bird Foods are the formulas that provide proper nutrition for your bird’s lifetime care. The single most important thing you can do for your bird is to feed it right.

Harrison's Bird Foods contain:
•  Premium, certified organic, nonGMO-verified ingredients.
•  No chemical insecticides, herbicides or fungicides
•  No preservatives
•  No artificial colors, sweeteners or flavors
•  No double-dosed vitamins

Easy and Economical
The use of Harrison's Bird Foods changes the way you look at feeding your bird:
 •  No supplements or vitamins to buy
 •  No foods to clean and chop
 •  No time needed to prepare—just pour and go
 •  Less volume of food needed
 •  No seed hulls, kitchen mess or cage mess
 •  No fuss, no worry

Premium, Certified Organic Ingredients
Harrison’s Bird Foods are made from premium whole grains and legumes. We do not incorporate artificial processing nor do we use the type of bleached flours, meals or byproducts that yield a perfectly uniform appearance.

It is nature itself that dictates the color, look and texture of Harrison’s Bird Foods, so the appearance of the food may fluctuate from bag to bag.
To assure safety Harrison’s screens all products for pathogenic bacteria and mycotoxins.