Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Today, formulated bird foods are the choice of avian veterinarians and educated bird owners because they know improper nutrition is the number one cause of poor health in companion birds. But what they may not know is what is in the formulated diet that they are feeding. Or better yet, what is left out.

Harrison's Bird Foods contain:
•  No chemical insecticides, herbicides or fungicides
•  No preservatives
•  No artificial colors, sweeteners or flavors
•  No double-dosed vitamins

Premium Ingredients
Harrison's Bird Foods are made from premium whole grains and legumes. We do not incorporate the kind of artificial processing nor do we use the type of fine-milled white flours or byproducts that yield a perfectly uniform appearance with every batch.  It is nature itself that dictates the color, look and texture of Harrison’s Bird Foods so the appearance of the food may fluctuate from bag to bag.
Harrison’s screens all of its products for pathogenic bacteria, molds (mycotoxins) and various natural enzymes (e.g.,trypsin) to assure safety for consumption by birds and other animals.

Easy and Economical
The use of Harrison's Bird Foods changes the way you look at feeding your bird:
 •  No supplements or vitamins to buy
 •  No foods to clean and chop
 •  No time needed to prepare—just pour and go
 •  Less volume of food needed
 •  No seed hulls, kitchen mess or cage mess
 •  No fuss, no worry

What You May See After Switching
 •  Increased life expectancy
 •  Enhanced appearance
 •  Increased energy and vitality
 •  More vocal and playful nature
 •  Decreased biting, yelling, picking
 •  Increased affection
 •  Increased resistance to common bacteria and yeasts
 •  Increased quality and quantity of offspring
 •  Healthier and happier bird

Please click to enlarge the Harrison's basic Feeding Chart (image below).

IMPORTANT: All birds new to Harrison's should start out and remain on a High Potency formula for at least eight months. Most medium/large bird species (esp African Greys, Macaws etc.) should remain on High Potency for life.

Some species may switch to an Adult Lifetime Formula after 8 month period.
Still not sure which to feed? Go with High Potency.

HPF = High Potency Fine
HSF = High Potency Super Fine
HPM = High Potency Mash

ALC = Adult Lifetime Coarse
ALF = Adult Lifetime Fine
ASF = Adult Lifetime Super Fine
ALM = Adult Lifetime Mash

PLC = Pepper Lifetime Coarse
PT = Power Treats
JUV = Juvenile Hand-Feeding Formula
NEO = Neonate Formula|
REC = Recovery Formula
BB = Harrison's Bird Bread Mix

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